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Canada Import eManifest regulations 2017-05-03

We would like to bring your attention that CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency)
has implemented eManifest since Nov 2016, however giving all forwarders non
penalty period till July 12, 2017 for all non-compliance. eManifest filing is
to replace the ACI filing in reporting all details in all sizes and modes of
shipments (including all forwarders in multiple coload situation) to Canada
from overseas.  eManifest filing can only be filed to CBSA by Canada
forwarders holding a valid bond, therefore all free hand/ABCO nominated
shipments which consigned to ABCO requiring e-manifest filing prior to
shipment’s departure from origin port.   ABCO has started arranging
eManifest filing through a service provider here in Canada and made a good
progress on it.  Thus, come into effect now, kindly comply the below for
free hand shipment and ABCO nominated shipment.

eManifest submission cut off time will be 24 hours prior to the loading on M/V
vessel.  Kindly send MBL copy and HBL copy to our eManifest address at 
for filing in timely manner.  In case cut off time falls on weekend or
holiday.  Kindly send us one or two days earlier  in order to have
sufficient time to process the filing.

eManifest is to link up carrier, forwarder, warehouse and broker together into the same
system, so that all parties can obtain the updated info/cargo status with no
delay and become a paperless processing.  As info are linked up together,
info must be accurate and matched with each other.  Kindly check and
ensure below info are correct before sending us the copies for filing.

HBL#s can’t be repeated within 3 year.  Please ensure HBL # is not used before;
otherwise filing will be rejected.


FCL cargo – you can advise Primary CCN if MBL copy is not available

If it is a free hand shipment, please cross check below with


Consignee's must have a valid registration number with Canada authority. if
consignee is a non-resident importer, kindly please confirm and provide us the
delivery address for filing.


Consignee:  name and address must be matched with the info they registered with Canada


Please also provide us consignee contact, tel. #, fax # and email address if possible,
so that we can contact them for clarification if needed Provide us the delivery
address if it is other than the registered address, so that we can classify it
as import or in transit/bond  cargo for filing.


Consignee’s destination broker info if available, then we can input it as SNP (secondary
notified party), so that we can get the custom release advice through the
system as soon as it is released.


If it is a LCL shipment that ABC European  coload to master loader whom have
already used  eManifest filing, please request them to provide us below
info along with your HBL copy for filing:

their CCN

primary CCN

consolidator name

place of consolidation

destination code number

destination office code number

destination warehouse code number

 Please advise master loader to key in our ABCO forwarder code #8182 under SNP
(Secondary notify party) – freight forwarder on their eManifest filing, so that
ABCO can receive their eManifest advice through our service provider and continue
the process at destination after cargo arrival in Canada.


Kindly take note that eManifest filing fee is USD35 per entry, therefore please
accommodate it to your future shipment cost.


Kindly comply the eManifest appropriately and in timely manner with the future
shipment to avoid the AMP (Administrative Monetary Penalty system) due to late
filing or incorrect eManifest info.


Below timeline for implementation of eManifest and AMP for your info. 

From January 11, 2017, to July 11, 2017, freight forwarders deemed to be non-compliant
with eManifest requirements may be issued zero-rated penalties (non-monetary)
under the CBSA’s Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS).

Beginning July 12, 2017, freight forwarders deemed to be non-compliant with
eManifest requirements may be issued monetary AMPS penalties.

If there is any concerns, please check with your local Abco representative!






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