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The story of WIN


This AGM was probably the best attended meeting ever. A perfect location, easy to access and over 80 delegates and gusts arrived to Antalya, Turkey highly motivated to conduct the 14th Annual General Meeting.

Many important topcis were discussed and decided which will eventually bring WIN into a new area. Articles and Bylaws were ammended also because of the construction of a new region. Now WIN consists of 4 regions and 6 Board members: Asia & Pacific Region, Americas Region,  Europe Region, NEW: Middle East & Africa Region. The WIN Association is represented in 71 countries with exclusive small and midsized freightforwarders and logistic companies. 

The Board: Chairman S.K. Leong, USA, Vice Chairman: Alberto Maier, Spain,  RD Europe: Juri Falandt, Netherlands, RD Americas Hernan Jaime, Argententina, RD Asia & Pacific: Greg Hsu, Taiwan, RD Middle East & Africa: Jacques Abouzeid.



13th Annual General Meeting held in Cartagena, Colombia, January 2012. On the occation of this AGM the Board was ending its term and needed to be elected. As of this year the WIN network will have a new Chairman and Vice Chairman. There were various important topics that required full attention of all delegates. Besides the election also new members came on board, some left. At the end of 2012 the WIN Association is represented in 74 countries.

The Board: Chairman S.K. Leong, USA, Vice Chairman: Alberto Maier, Spain,  RD Europe: Juri Falandt, Netherlands, RD Americas Hernan Jaime, Argententina, RD Asia & Pacific Greg Hsu, Taiwan.



in Janary 2011 the 12th Annual General Meeting was organsied in Sydney, Australia. By now, the WIN Association is represented by 75 agents, all proud exclusive and dedictaed WIN members.

The Board: Chairman: Sir Eligio Oggionni, Vice Chairman: S.K. Leong, USA, RD Europe: Allan Sandgren, Denmark, RD Americas: Hernan Jaime, Argentina, RD Asia & Pacific: Madewan Rusli, Indonesia 



WIN celebrates its 10th birthday! There are not many networks that are so old as WIN. As an exclusive network and constantly growing WIN has proven that members prefer to be part of a "club" rather than being one of hundreds of agents, anonymeously waiting for their chance within the mass. The Birthday celebration took place in Flic en Flac, Mauritius, in January 2010.



The 10th Annual General Meeting was held in sunny Cape Town, South Africa January 2009. A professional organisation allowed a confortable stay and contructive meeting. Various work groups gathered to discuss and define processes and ways to work closer together. By now, WIN was represented in 68 countries on all continents.   



On the occation of the 9th Annual General Meeting held in Rio, Brazil in January 2008 the Raindy Day Fund (RDF) was presented and accepted as a new option to grant financial stability and security to all WIN members. The Company Profile Information (CPI) was created. 



The 8th Annual General Meeting was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand with a record attendance. A fantastic organisation and program enchanted all attendees. New network issues were discussed and the financial security aspect was dealt with in length. Issues such as exclusivity yes / now was dicussed and again the majority of the attendees decide to stay firm on the original idea WIN to be a truly exclusive network. 



The 7th Annual General Meeting was held in Marrakech, Morocco. Many improtant issues were discussed in particular referring to Network Development. The WIN Evalutation Program became more sophisticated and further criteria had been implemented. Therefore this time more winners were announced: for the year 2005: APC Hong Kong (highest over-all performance), MM Trade Israel (highest sales performance), MM Trade Israel (highest increse year-to-year). The WIN Webpage received a new fresher look with even more attractive features! 


2005 - 5th Anniversary of WIN

On the occasion of the 6th Annual General Meeteing which was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina all members were given a 5-year - WIN member certificate! The member of the year 2004 was assessed to be APC Hong Kong. Further enhancements were made to the WIN marketing aspect: webpage, banners and new brochures were produced. By the end of 2005 a nice number of 64 exclusive WIN members were counted. 



5th Annual General Meeting held in Cebu, Philippines. This year the WIN member of the year 2003 was SENATOR International, Germany. The WIN secretariat / administration office changed address and was lcoated offically at office premisses in Bassersdorf, Zurich, Switzerland. The office was staffed with one person assisting the Board and supporting developping projects. Marketing gadget as well as brochures, banners etc. were produced and presented at every sales call or trade show. By the end of 2004 the WIN network consisted of 66 countries. 


4th Annual General Meeting held in Dubai U.A.E. After te first Evalutation Process survey the first winner was announced: EP WINner of the year 2002: APC Hong Kong. The WIN Webpage was further updated and developed for the use of all WIN members but also for external Website visitors. The track & trace online tool was implemented and started. 



3rd Annual General Meeting was held in Santiago, Chile. On this occation the WIN Logo was presented and registered. The WIN trade mark was registered and is still today registered by Warshaw convention in over 40 countries worldwide. The first global contract with an air carrier was signed and implemented. SOP standard operation procedures where elaborated in work groups and implemented within the next few weeks. The first WIN webpage - already a sophistsicated tool at that time - as it contained interactive modules, was presented. By the end of the year the WIN network counted 59 members. 



2nd Annual General Meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Additional internal rules and guideline were elabortated and were inmplemented in the course of the year. It was then, when the famous WIN  Evaluation Program was first pesented and accepted with hugh success. Further WIN members joined the WIN family and so the network grew to a nice number of 56 members. 



On 17th Januar 2000 45 independent forwarding companies from all continents gathered in Sevilla, Spain to inaugurate WIN Worldwide Independent Network Association. On this date the Articles of Association were formulated and the WIN Association was officially registered in Switzerland, where its head office is located. In the course of the year the network expanded to 51 exlcusive representatives. 


In 1999  

About 20 forwarding agents from various regions of the world have been working together for many years and decided to found an international network! 

The main objectives were: to have financially sound, personally known agents, with the mutual interest to grow their business commonly and to work with business ethics, based on trust and reliability. Together they could build up new business models, be better visible and stronger when defendig customer base agains multinational logistic firms. They also agreed that no one maybe be associated or belonging to any multinational structure, thus be a small - midsized freight forwarder or logistics provider, exclusivity was the key to success.


Vice Chairman: 

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