About WIN

WIN is an exclusive network and offers our members exclusivity for their particular market / country. WIN is not just an anonymous network. In WIN our members personally know each other, in fact in many cases for many, many years already. Are still interested? Want to become a member? Read about our requirements.

81 independent forwarding and logistics companies from all continents fully committed to freight management and the provision of worldwide total supply chain solutions.

WIN's philosophy

  • To offer high quality logistics solutions through our worldwide network while adhering to our customers local requirements - because we personally care.
  • To promote and develop business opportunities in the global freight forwarding industry to the mutual benefit of our customers and members and protect their mutual interests.
  • To involve our members actively in all development endeavours and to take decisions by a democratic process and ongoing open dialogue among all members.
  • To build-up strong relationships to our customers and friendship among members.