WIN Preferred Suppliers

Introducing the WIN Network Association's "Preferred Suppliers" Program!

Are you an external service provider seeking unparalleled access to a global network of freight forwarders? Look no further! Our Preferred Suppliers program offers you the opportunity to engage directly with our vast network of WIN members from around the world.

As a Preferred Supplier, you'll enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, including:

  • Direct Access to Key Decision-Makers: Connect with our members and forge valuable partnerships with industry leaders.
  • Monthly Newsletter Features: Share your services and latest news in our monthly newsletters, keeping our members informed and engaged.
  • Participation in WIN Conferences: Attend our renowned conferences and participate in bilateral meetings with our members, facilitating meaningful interactions and potential collaborations.
  • Enhanced Exposure: Promote your brand on our social media platforms and website, reaching a broader audience within the freight forwarding industry.
    Unlimited Networking Opportunities: Engage with WIN members through various channels and establish lasting relationships that benefit your business.

And so much more! This program is designed to elevate your business and expand your reach within the freight forwarding community.

Join our Preferred Suppliers program today and unlock a world of possibilities within the WIN Network Association. Let's create a successful partnership and drive growth together!

Contact the WIN Office for more information.


Dear WIN Members,

We are thrilled to unveil our "Preferred Suppliers" program, designed to bring you access to top-tier external service providers who can support and enhance your business operations. This program is a unique opportunity for you to connect with reputable service providers who have been carefully selected for their commitment to excellence and their relevance to your needs.

As a valued member of WIN, you can expect a host of benefits from this program, including:

  • Access to Trusted Partners: Our Preferred Suppliers are industry leaders offering a wide range of services tailored to the freight forwarding sector.
  • Monthly Updates: Stay informed about the latest services and offers through our monthly newsletters, featuring exclusive content from our Preferred Suppliers.
  • Engage and Connect: Take advantage of the chance to meet our Preferred Suppliers in person at WIN conferences and through bilateral meetings.
  • Preferential and Discounted Group Rates: Enjoy special rates and group discounts thanks to your membership with WIN.

By collaborating with our Preferred Suppliers, you can elevate your business and streamline your operations, all while fostering long-lasting partnerships that benefit your company.

We encourage you to explore the services offered by our Preferred Suppliers and engage with them to discover new opportunities for growth and success.

WIN's Preferred Suppliers